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By using trends like Tinder

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Towards the end of 2020, our YouTube channel The Mythology Guy had just over 1,900 subscribers.

Like most small YouTubers, the growth of our channel was frustratingly slow for months, ranging anywhere from 2 new subscribers a day to at peak 44.

It’s holding you back from success

Photo by Djordje Petrovic on Pexels

Hope is a beautiful word.

It inspires people to try again. It’s a word that pulls many from a dark place. It’s that glimmer on the horizon that keeps people going when life feels too hard.

As inspirational of a word as it is, chemists will have you know, ‘the dosage makes the poison’.

The danger comes when ‘hope’ is used as one of the main ingredients in accomplishing our goals,

I hope I become successful at this…
I hope ‘x’ happens for me this month…
I hope to achieve this result…

There’s a reason why we’ve been told that…

How best-dressed a.k.a Ashley did it

Screenshot taken from video, edited by author

In a 2019 survey made by Harris Poll for Lego, it was found that the top career choice of children in both the U.S and UK is to be a blogger/YouTuber.

When it’s a well-known fact that big YouTubers earn a pretty penny doing what they love, who’s to blame them?

But the reality is, while the entrance to getting a slice of that billion dollar ad revenue on YouTube is free, the majority of those who start eventually get frustrated before giving up and going back to their old reality.

So what does it take to successfully build your…

Because busy doesn’t always mean productive

Photo by from Pexels

We live in a time where the number of hours you work in a week is worn as a badge of honor. The more hours worked the bigger the badge.

But the harsh reality is, too many people work extreme hours, yet still don’t get the results they want because busy doesn’t always mean productive.

Then there are those who work less then average but still get the results we want — if not more.

Is it because they’re better at what they do? Not always. …

5 tips to succeed faster in 2021

Screenshot taken from Kaiti’s video, edited by author

YouTube is seen as one of the hardest social media platforms to build up a following on. According to TubeFilter, the average is 22 months just to reach 1000 subscribers.

But as content creation is becoming more mainstream, people are getting better at strategizing how to become successful.

No need to shoot in the dark for years when you can possibly achieve the amazing results in months.

That’s exactly what college student Kaiti Yoo did with only 43 videos to date and starting her channel during quarantine — 50k of her following, gained in her first month.

A case study on how to do a book release on TikTok well

Screenshots taken and edited by the author from TikTok

On January 28th, TikTok user @jeneverosebooks posted this video. In six hours it received over one million views and skyrocketed her book to the 45th bestselling Amazon book!

But it doesn’t stop there.

On the same day after a video announcing her shock, she follows this up with another post sharing how she couldn’t believe that her book was now ranked #8, right next to Barack Obama’s book. A little over a week later she hit #3!

What psychologists suggest to do instead

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

We’re all leading busy lives. From raising families to going to 40 hour+ hell
— I mean, work weeks. Some even trying to build up businesses on the side. Juggling everything can feel like a burden that only gets heavier.

While many are barely getting by, there are those who seem to be doing just fine. Some of them handling more on their plate, yet their heads are generally cool. How do they gracefully dance through life while many of us feel like we’re tripping daily?

Sometimes our lives aren’t always that different from one another. But how we cope…

And how to overcome them.

Photo by Mael BALLAND on Unsplash

Feeling stuck from time to time is human.

Sometimes we’re stuck developing a new skill that’ll help us move forward in our career. Other times we’re stuck waiting to hear back about life-changing opportunities. And there are times we’re stuck planning our next move to get what we want.

These periods are normal and it’s only a matter of time before we enter the next chapter of our life. But if we find ourselves feeling stuck for months, if not years at a time, this is often a sign for us to dig deeper and figure out the root cause.

2. “I’ll just know.”

Photo by Joanna Nix-Walkup from Pexels

When you’re a die hard hopeless romantic, finally being with ‘your person’ is a life goal.

For most of my life I swooned at romcoms and looked forward to the day my love life mirrored the things I read or watched. Lines like, “You’re my best friend.” shot right through my sappy heart.

There’s nothing wrong with being a romantic.

But the danger comes when you forget the romcoms are made to be sold. And that these stories are crafted to keep you entertained until you finish them.

For the longest time, I saw these fictional relationships as ‘goals’.


You are allowed to change your mind

You’ve seen this story play out all the time:

A friend starts a degree they’re somewhat interested in only to figure out in year two that it’s “just not for them.” They force themselves to finish it anyway because it would be a waste not to.

This person then dedicates the next 40+ years of their life to a career they loathe, because it’s what they studied for the last 4 years.

From their 20s until the day they *hopefully* retire, they wonder why they feel waves of depression, anxiety, and unfulfillment.

If this is a fate we see many…

Willda Atienza

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