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5 tips to succeed faster in 2021

Screenshot of Kaiti Yoo and her YouTube award for hitting 100k.
Screenshot taken from Kaiti’s video, edited by author

YouTube is seen as one of the hardest social media platforms to build up a following on. According to TubeFilter, the average is 22 months just to reach 1000 subscribers.

But as content creation is becoming more mainstream, people are getting better at strategizing how to become successful. …

A case study on how to do a book release on TikTok well

Cover image of multiple screenshots of the successful TikTok video.
Screenshots taken and edited by the author from TikTok

On January 28th, TikTok user @jeneverosebooks posted this video. In six hours it received over one million views and skyrocketed her book to the 45th bestselling Amazon book!

But it doesn’t stop there.

On the same day after a video announcing her shock, she follows this up with another…

Willda Atienza

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